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  1. FSMuseum

    Sketchup Texture Mapping Issues

    Hi all, I am attempting to model some very low-poly cars for use as scenery objects. Issue #1: Each car is an individual component in Sketchup for ease of copying and modifying. When entering the component (double clicking on) and then exiting the component, the texture mapping of any...
  2. jkustom56

    MSFS ModelConverterX Textures have become darker

    Hello, This is my first post. I have been making my own scenery objects for about 7 years. My method is to build Buildings such as hangars using TinkerCad, converting the STL file with MCX into .dae files, than painting/texturing in SketchUp, exporting the .KMZ file back to MCX to place them...
  3. FrancisJohannes


    HI GUYS, So I have this mesh on top of my aircraft. It keeps turning black at a certain time of the day. Normally slightly when the sun is at 1%. This is a mesh exported from blender. I've followed the default aircrafts shading configurations and utilized default NORM & COMP textures as well...
  4. peacefarm

    MSFS Substance Painter MATERIAL Preset

    Hi all! I'm wondering if anyone has a working Substance preset for exporting COMP textures for in sim MATERIAL maker (for aprons polygonn, etc) NOT maps for standard 3D models. I've tried making my own, but I'm not doing something right when it comes to plugging the right channels in. Thanks!
  5. peacefarm


    Hi all, In an attempt to expand processes and get away from projected mesh issues (especially in the last couple SDK updates), I'm looking to use the built-in apron feature of the SDK to make some pavement areas. So far, I've only been able to import the base textures via custom materials, but...
  6. Ahunterg95

    Blender Texturing a 3D model in Blender, Please HELP!

    Hi all, I'm new to 3D modelling and texturing; after realising that placing objects into the sim is only a limited portion of scenery development... A few months ago I completed the doughnut tutorial, then made this hut as my very first ever 3D Model... I think I made it far too detailed 😂...
  7. peacefarm

    MSFS COMP Textures Export via Blender

    Hi all, Where do we attach the COMP textures using the MSFS Blender export plugin? I've been doing things the traditional way of connecting Albedo, Metal, Normal maps in Blender, but now wanting to experiment with COMP maps (not sure why if everything is working fine) but it seems 90% of devs...
  8. peacefarm

    MSFS COMP -vs- Metal + Normal Textures

    Hi all, I'm reading more and more about people using COMP textures for PBR and I'm looking to understand their use over using metal/normal maps in Blender. I currently export 3 textures out of Substance - Albedo, Metal, Normal. I then plug each into their appropriate channel with in the...
  9. Ironpot

    MSFS Help with Blender Textures

    Hi All, Pretty new to this and I have been working on modelling a Lighthouse Keepers cottage and have imported to MSFS 2020 - yes there are some obvious things wrong but the main things I'm seeing and need help with are: The brick texture on the front faces of the walls and chimney(s) appear to...
  10. T

    Blender Materials don't show in MSFS when exporting from Blender

    Hello everyone, I try to export my aircraft model with Blender 2.83 (Blender MSFS Toolkit) and load it in the sim. I made some materials in Blender, but when i try to load the exported gltf file with them, i can't load it in the sim. When i export the model without any materials, the blank...
  11. ZdenniZ

    MSFS Any way to change textures without reloading the sim?

    MSFS has a great feature of reloading the gltfs on the fly as you edit them given that you have your package in the Community folder. But it only works if you don't change any textures. I tried to change a texture, build project, move the new package into Community (with sim running), close and...
  12. hoynedawg

    MSFS Apron textures LOD to pink

    Hey guys since the latest game update I've noticed some of my apron textures are turning pink when far enough away. Has anyone else expirenced this? Seems to be both base game and custom textures but only affecting rectangle aprons. any help would be appriciated. Thanks!!
  13. NovemberIndiaCharlieOscar

    MSFS Texture failed to convert [SOLVED]

    I have a little mystery that I just cannot solve. I have two buildings in Blender. I designed these buildings for FSX using FSDS, but I convert the MDL's to Collada files using Model Converter so that I can import them into Blender. This has so far worked flawlessly for several hundred objects...
  14. S

    MSFS Is there PBR comp textures tutorial for MSFS using photoshop

    Hi all, I am struggling to get my head around creating comp textures for MSFS using photoshop using the RGB channels for AO,Roughness,Metalness. Does anyone know of a tutorial document or video? All the PBR videos I have found so far do not seem to fit what I need. thanks Stinger
  15. RomanDesign

    MSFS Parallax glass - no reflection... Any ideas?

    I’ve been using parallax windows/interiors but the glass is not reflecting, no matter what I do. I used it in small buildings on individual windows before, but now I tried a large one, with multi-room parallax texture. It’s working OK, although with a surprising effect that seemingly the actual...
  16. T

    Missing materials and. Blend file importing error when importing to MCX

    Hi, I'm stuck in my project and if someone can help me to fix these errors it will be a huge relief to me. I get below Error when I try to importing a .blend file. " AssimpReader Error importing file: BLEND: Expected at least one object with no parent" Things may gonna help you, 1.I tried...
  17. yorgosGK

    Tarmac & Cement Normal

    I see that no matter what you do (even if you add your COMP'd PNG with Normals/Roughness and Alpha from the workaround found on the forum), you can never truly see your normal map on the ground. It always shows some default bumpy looking asphalt thing instead. What is the best way to get nice...
  18. F

    Tutorial video about creating materials and individual runway markings

    Here is my new SDK tutorial video (german language with english subtitles) about individiual materials and runway markings: Have fun !
  19. Z

    MSFS Textures problem on scenery

    Hi all, I have a problem with textures on my scenery project. Do you know how to fix this ? Thank you
  20. M

    FS2004 Problem with how textures appear in FS

    Hi all! I come with a problem that is driving me crazy. I am preparing ground polygons for FS9 using ADE. I texture them by 1024x1024 dxt3 textures that I prepared, see the A1.png attached. The textures on the taxiway look pretty fair from the outside of the airplane, I can even see most of the...