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  1. F

    P3D v4 pbr reflection seems off

    hi, im currently developing wmkp airport for p3dv4 and wanted to i. olement a bit of pbr feature in my scenery, but when it comes to the terminal glass reflection it seems a bit weird from the viewing angle. any idea what is the problem might be? modeled in blender and exportrd using mcx
  2. S

    Prepar3D Texture Map Converter (for Normal Maps and PBR Metallic Maps)

    HEY Guys and Girls :) I've developed a quick and dirty little tool (C# .Net w32), it makes the texture/modeling life easier :) 1st feature: Convert Normal Maps (valid for both, Std. Diffuse Textures & PBR Textures): You might know, when using Industry-Standard-Normal-Maps for Prepar3D, you...
  3. Rotornut44

    Internal modeling not visible through semi-transparent texture.

    Hello. I have been building a greenhouse model off and on over the last few days. The model I have designed is a metal frame greenhouse with what is suppose to be a plastic cover over the entire metal frame. (The frame is just a 2D texture) I have added an alpha channel to my single texture...
  4. A

    This may be hard to explain, but bear with...

    Hello! After reading the GP manual, I managed to successfully add a blue path into P3D like so: http://prntscr.com/lv4f9f If you may or may not realise, the detail in the blue path is very high and the blue path overall is zoomed in too much, (not the poly physically, but the image itself) I...
  5. Cheese-Strike

    Cheesy Simulations - Redux Liveries

    I just wanted to share some of my textures I created the past months/years. All repaints feature custom created exterior and interior textures to match the original livery as close as possible. MJC-8 Q400 - Flybe G-ECOB MJC-8 Q400 - Flybe G-ECOI MJC-8 Q400 - Austrian Airlines OE-LGP...
  6. FSXLiveries.com

    Fresnel / spec / bump file names schemes

    Hello everyone, A while ago I started to play in area of fresnel and reflection/spec/bump files by creating completely new ones from scratch for PMDG 747. I checked the scheme used for naming these files and had no problem with that. pmdg_747X_fuselage1.dds pmdg_747X_fuselage1_spec.dds...
  7. Bulent Eroglu

    P3D v4 importing bmp texture file without no background

    i got some runway marks, created them using photoshop got no background, they are transparent and I am 100% sure, when I save it as .bmp they have background, i tired using png but then it looks very different and nothing how its meant to be. i read about some stuff regarding alpha channel but...
  8. J


  9. 2wheelsup

    How do I make a detailed building texture?

    I have made some aircraft hangers using the Austin Sass method with blender and gimp with not too bad of result. However, is there a way to get a little better texture for certain items like doors, windows, power meter panels, etc. You know the small items that make up a building. When I put...
  10. B

    LOD creation

    Hi there, i am working on an airport and did all my models using Sketup, exporting them to collada, importing them into ModelConverterX and exporting them as MDL. There are many complex MDL files and even if i am 15nm away FS2004 seems to draw them somehow (even if i cannot see them because i...
  11. B

    Photo-real seasonal textures problem - Resample

    Hello, I am having a hard time making my scenery to show up. Since I have added seasonal textures, my scenery do not longer show up in-sim. This is my .inf code for Resample: [Source] Type = MultiSource NumberOfSources = 6 [Source1] Type = BMP Layer = Imagery SourceDir = "." SourceFile =...
  12. S

    FSX Ground polygon textures appearing black

    i converted my textures to 32bit bmp using dxtbmp along with alpha textures. then i converted them to dds file using image tool from p3d sdk. after that i converted my gmax polygon to bgl file using mcx ground polygon wizard. but after adding my scenery to fsx the polygons are appearing black...
  13. V

    New paid project - Modeler + Texture artists needed

    We are looking for talented modeler and texture artist to build and texture 3D buildings for various airfields. This is paid work. Please PM me. Note that we will require some example files / snapshots of previous work.
  14. Chris04


    The site is coming together, slowly. We've been working hard on the hidden details of the site, and hope to be able to add lots more features for the users to take advantage of. We are currently not done with the site, and not even close to being done, but it is finally functional. We are on a...
  15. Fern

    Static Aircraft MDL Maker - Textures very complicated

    Hi, All I just stated using this SAMM today. I have version 2.2.03, which is the latest I could find. //Important: EVERYTHING I create is to be used in other PCs. I run these tools in "work" PCs that are NOT the one I use for flying. I also give some of my scenery to friends. When I use...