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  1. R

    MSFS Faces showing different shades with same texture.

    I am into a project designing hangers, but some walls are giving me such reflections. I am using the MSFS standard and both the walls are having same properties. While one gets darker and yellowish than other. Can anyone suggest a fix to this?
  2. A

    Instance Export

    Hi, Can somebody please explain to me how exporting instances from Blender works? If I export instanced (Alt+D) objects the draw calls and face count (almost) double. I used the Blender2Msfs from MSFSToolkid 0.41.4 to export.
  3. R

    Blender model not showing in object library

    Hello everyone, I have followed "MyPhysicalWorld" tutorial videos on creating the scenery project. I have the model ready with me and its all exported as the exact way. The problem I am facing is, its not showing the model in the sim. The project built was successful. Picture number 3 is...
  4. BlueMesh

    MSFS Blender Plugin do not export Anisotropic material

    Hi all, I'm actually trying to export an Anisotropic material for my aircraft but any plugin made for blender seems to not export it correctly (MSFS2Blender, FlybyWire, Asobo..). It simply does nothing. When i import a texture in "Anisotropic Direction (RG)" no nodes appears in the shading tab...
  5. pinepix

    P3D v5 Photoshop Alpha channel - P3D V5 PBR materials using Blender

    I think I am losing my mind. I am trying my hand at adding some PBR textures to some buildings and objects I am previously developed, but I am running into a brick wall. I am using photoshop the create the textures and I want to add some metallic elements and reflections. It looks like you can...
  6. T

    MSFS [SOLVED] Help needed with combined textures baked in Blender only outputting in Green.

    I previously baked my textures in Blender 2.79 and they were the correct colour. After changing the mesh in my project I am re-baking some of my textures in Blender 2.93 (also tried 2.83) but all the textures are coming out a shade of green as shown in the red boxes below. I have tried...
  7. ErethOllen

    Blender MSFS Blender Texture Unwrap

    Good day everyone! Seen many developers using one combined texture image instead of multiple materials for exporting a model from Blender. I use blender for a while, but have absolutely NO idea, on how to unwrap the model that way, so it looks something like on the photo below. (Example from...
  8. Fiideell

    Blender Visible seam on object

    Hello, I created object in blender, textured in SP, exported to MSFS. Unfortunately, after being exported to the sim there is a seem visible in the middle. I have used the mirror modifier in Blender, where its not visible. Is this common issue or am I missing something? Thank you
  9. S

    MSFS VR panel focus and collision mesh from Blender exporter

    For MSFS 2020 VR compatibility, the SDK documentation explains how to build a PANEL_COLLISION mesh (https://docs.flightsimulator.com/html/index.htm#t=Asset_Creation%2F3D_Models%2FAircraft%2FAircraft_Cockpit.htm&rhsearch=panel_collision&rhhlterm=panel_collision). This mesh is needed to align the...
  10. S

    MSFS Blender script to create meshes with a single material (for Armor Paint, clean UV maps, etc.)

    While creating textures for a MSFS aircraft, you may encounter some difficulty when there are multiple materials assigned to a mesh. Since you can only have one texture sheet per material, if you were to export a mesh like this to use in 3D texturing software such as Armor Paint or Quixel Mixer...
  11. R

    Only getting a small white cube in SDK when exporting/importing from Blender2MSFS

    Things I have done; Updated to the most current versions of Blender and Blender2MSFS Drawn a simple model with the Building Tools Plugin - Floor plan, walls, roof. No doors or windows. Create two separate textures with Albedo, Composite, and Normal Unwrapped the entire object and created a UV...
  12. Ahunterg95

    Blender Texturing a 3D model in Blender, Please HELP!

    Hi all, I'm new to 3D modelling and texturing; after realising that placing objects into the sim is only a limited portion of scenery development... A few months ago I completed the doughnut tutorial, then made this hut as my very first ever 3D Model... I think I made it far too detailed 😂...
  13. C

    UV Unwrap and texturing long lines/ taxiways

    Hey guys after unwrapping one part and then using the follow active quads I still have issues getting the complete model textured the same way as I did the first part. Doing everything seperately will take days on a big airport. So there must be a better way. Any ideas or other workflows...
  14. Flugi

    Surface shows bright from below.

    I've built this bridge for my new project, but the behaviour of the texture or normals are confusing me. When i open the 3D in MCX some lite angled surfaces shows brighter then the horizontal parts. Physically it makes sense for me. I still don't understand why they look so different. I tried...
  15. unc1rlm

    MSFS Animation Question Blender 2.93

    On the right..the NLA track says Beacon Lights... in the window below its called BeaconLightsAction.003...is there a way to rename that bottom one to the same as the NLA Track or just live with it? Figured it out... Thanks, BobM.
  16. C


    Fixed, thread can be closed
  17. jbf23

    MSFS [HELP] Adding new ground vehicles as ambient traffic

  18. peacefarm

    MSFS COMP Textures Export via Blender

    Hi all, Where do we attach the COMP textures using the MSFS Blender export plugin? I've been doing things the traditional way of connecting Albedo, Metal, Normal maps in Blender, but now wanting to experiment with COMP maps (not sure why if everything is working fine) but it seems 90% of devs...
  19. G

    MSFS Change Animationspeed

    Hi to all, I am new in building aircraft, and not to good in blender, but I try to build an good, old gliderplane, the K7. Iam now working on the Canopy-Animation. I did the animation with the trigger of the spoilers, because I don know, how the Canopy-variable of msfs works ... My problem...
  20. Christian Bahr

    3d Character, female 1.00

    A female 3-D person with animation ready for export for FS2020/MSFS. The source files include a 3dsm file, a blender and an FBX file. It contains PBR textures in Tiff format.