1. Ronald

    Blender - Cycles Shader articles and (payware) e-books

    Find Cycles Nodes a little confusing? You're not alone. Whilst Cycles Nodes offer almost you limitless control over a materials, many users struggle to understand it's labyrinth of options. Which is why this post dares to do the impossible: explain every Cycles shader in easy to understand...

    Blender Baking Help

    Hi, currently i am learning to do baking for my model. I have created PAPI light model. I have assigned texture too for the model as below: Now i am trying to bake this texture so it will create some shadow on it. I have created a new texture name Baked in the UV window. I checked...

    FSXA Effect attachment procedure using Blender & Blender2FSX Toolset

    Hi, I would appreciate if anyone can show the procedure how to attach effects using blender and the toolset. Thanks, Manochvarma Raman
  4. AerobaticsFS

    Blender UV mapping

    Hi guys, does someone have a good idea how to UV map a model like mine? When doing 'project from view', it doesn't look to good. I wonder how others do stuff like this. As said in the titel, I use Blender (2.75). Cheers, Daniël

    Level Of Detail (LOD) with Blender

    Hi, I tried to create Level of Details (LOD) but it seems doesn't work in sim. Situation: I want my approach light look brighter at far and when moving towards the runway, it should be less bright. So, i created LOD as below: The default model will be on LOD_100. Just the light plane size...

    FSX:SE Making/Attach effects to light model with blender software

    Hi, I came across with wiki article on how to make taxi edge light using effect. I followed this file: Just for reference: But...

    Model Shadow Problem in Simulator

    Hi, I am having some problem with light plane which casting shadow. I have checked No shadow in FSX/P3D Material Params but still the planes casting shadow. Approach light: Taxi Edge Light: Settings: Hope anyone can help on this. Thanks, Manochvarma Raman
  8. christopherbritton

    [Blender] Reduce Polys on Aircraft Model

    Hello, I'm looking for someone with a bit of experience in Blender. I downloaded a nice model from Turbo Squid, but unfortunately, it's too high-poly for a FSX/P3D scenery object. The model in question is found here: I...

    Shadow not appear in simulator

    Hi there, I have made approach lights model using Blender. Unfortunately, the model not cast shadow. "No Shadow" setting was set to false in MCX and the shadow appear nicely in MCX screen. After it was compiled into BGL and load in the sim, the shadow not appear. Does anyone knows why it is so...

    FSX:SE How to make Approach Light Brighter

    Hi, I am currently designing approach light with Blender. I found that the light is not as bright as the default PAPI lights. How can I make it bright? 1. This is the image on closer look 2. PAPI Lights are brighter when moving further. My MCX Setting for Appraoch Light_lm texture:
  11. SierraB

    Attaching effect to VC poly in Blender

    After some hours of research I'm still puzzled on how to attach an effect in a VC. Is it even possible? All the threads I found here mainly refer to external models to boot. Actually I just want to attach the fx_vclight to a polygon in the VC to control it with a custom <Visibility> tag. I...
  12. spotlope

    Blender animation problem

    I've been doing some testing and research today, and it seems that I'm not completely crazy - there is definitely a problem with how Blender is exporting bone animations. I made a simple test file that uses 3 bones to animate a simple 4-sided column with 6 segments. It wags back and forth...

    Blender Texture mapping for curve object

    Hi there, I am still a new user of blender. I am trying to map a ground polygon with dotted taxi line but the line is not similar in size. This only occur for curved mesh lines. Example are as follow: The line in middle are bigger than the other lines. The above images show the lines...
  14. Ronald

    Blender - How to - Create your own Blender add-on Python script

    Articles for developers who want to learn how to extend Blender capacities themselves: - - -...
  15. Ronald

    Blender - How to - Install addons and Phyton scripts

    I've found a couple of nice "HOW TO - install Blender add-on" articles in the Internet over here: - - - -...

    FSX:SE Blender to FSX direct export

    Hi, I am trying to export my scenery from blender to fsx/p3d. This is the image with texture. After i apply my material: Texture loaded in the texture data option. Can anyone guide me how can I directly export these without using MCX. Thanks in advance.
  17. UssIowa

    PLEASE HELP! I just need one file converted from OBJ to MDL

    Hi, I'm a volunteer at a museum who's way out of my wheelhouse with this stuff. I've spent the better part of two days trying to convert this OBJ file to MDL to put into airport design editor. This was an MDL file that was converted to OBJ and edited, put the person who did that is on an...
  18. Ronald

    BlenderNation - Blender and Python Scripting tutorial

    Triggered by a discussion about the Blender2FSX toolkit wishlist I went out searching on the Internet for more background about how to: - write your own Blender Phtyon scripts - customize Blenders User Interface from a Python script Here are some informative video's i've found on these topics...
  19. Ronald

    Blender2FSX - Krispy1001 tutorial video transcripts 2017-02-23

    This is a set of 26 (PDF-formatted) video transcripts i've made for myself and everyone else who is getting started with the "Blender2FSX Toolkit". These transcripts can be used alongside the Krispy1001 Blender2 FSX video tutorials over here: -...
  20. Ronald

    Blender2FSX Toolkit - "Getting Started Guide" 2017-02-23

    I have created a series of 6 small documents that are intended to get everyone (newcomers and experienced modelers) up to speed in a uniform way when it comes to: - Installing and configuring Blender (v2.77a), - Installing and configuring the Blender2FSX scripts (on computer and inside Blender)...