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  1. RanaHossain

    Saying hello again to the community after 16 years of hiatus

    Saying hello again to the community after 16 years of hiatus Hello everyone; I hope everyone is keeping safe and flying safe during this troubled time. Quick introduction, though I am hoping that anyone from that old crowd hanging around would remember me fondly. I was quick active back in...
  2. RanaHossain

    Saying hello again to the community after 16 years of hiatus

    Hello everyone; I hope everyone is keeping safe and flying safe during this troubled time. Quick introduction, though I am hoping that anyone from that old crowd hanging around would remember me fondly. I was quick active back in 2004, and had several utilities from flight simulator; the most...
  3. Albi

    3d software for custom runway/apron?

    Is there a better software to create custom runways, taxiways and apron for p3d/fsx? Not afcad designer (ade)or gmax(old)
  4. Jason z

    ADE FSX to P3Dv5

    Is it possible to compile ADE projects for P3Dv5 when you only have FSX? When someone tried out our FSX scenery in P3Dv5, he saw default buildings on top of our current scenery which is not ideal.
  5. ribin_liskanu

    Scenery Airport not Loading

    Hi! I'm new to scenery development and I been struggling to make the airport load. I use FSX:SE and the P3D SDK 1.4 and after placing the object in ADE and Compiling. I open FSX then saw the building scenery prompt then select the created airport and clicked fly now, it will not load for any %...
  6. Jason z

    Cannot Generate Detailed Footprint (Solved)

    Noticed that the latest development version of ADE no longer can generate detailed footprints for custom library objects even when I have detailed footprints enabled (can still see detailed footprints for default library objects). I don't know if this is something wrong with the program or maybe...
  7. Jason z

    Blender not exporting taxiway lines

    For some reason Blender is not exporting taxiway lines but still can export my base "runway." The only difference between the runway and the taxiway line is that the runway was made from a plane while the taxiway line was made from a beveled curve that has been reconverted into a mesh. Is there...
  8. HannesSchmid

    Get BGL Type

    I have a good selection of (not to sophisticated) airport sceneries that work fine in FSX. If I port them to P3D v4/5 using the addon.xml methode, the airport sceneries are visible but have some scenery elements missing. I assume the reason is that some BGLs are FS9 BGLs or the textures are...
  9. C

    Reading a "dummy axis" with XML gauge

    The name of the game today: I am writing a XML gauge to simulate the unusual nose wheel steering on Twin Commanders, which is operated by the toe brakes as opposed to rudder. The first part of toe pedal travel (e.g. 30%) is dedicated to steering; beyond that, the pedal applies brake as...
  10. Jason z

    Failed initialization of Blender

    I'm new to Blender and I'm just getting used to it so forgive me if this question has an obvious solution or I'm providing too little information. I recently downloaded the latest version of Blender and the latest compatible FSX/P3D Toolset. I followed the tutorial...
  11. Vitus

    P3D v5 Blender2P3D/FSX

    Hi folks, I just uploaded a first test-version of the new Blender2P3D/FSX toolset. You can find it in the Resources, currently listed under Scenery/Tools - but I'd like to stress that it works for aircraft, too. :D Here's the Link...
  12. J

    FSX [LIDAR] FSX Germany Photoreal

  13. pinkjr

    P3D v3 Adding Veggies, any interest?

    A problem I've been having is that OSM and USGS data for most US cities is incomplete, so adding vegetation AGN (for example), becomes a challenge. I have figured out how to edit shapefiles to add vegetation zones (or any other vector data) so that sceneproc spits out AGN with not just houses...
  14. Md Alavi

    P3D v4 Sliced lines on the ground poly Satellite image

    As you can see from the picture that there is grouped lines of the sliced ground polygon when zooming out it become very visible but when zooming in it appears barely, Is there any way of removing this lines in MCX Thanks Md Alavi Final Approach Design Simulation
  15. R

    Jet Provost T.4

    Exterior model progress. Rotorhub
  16. V

    ADE SDK File Queries (FSX)

    I downloaded the latest version of ADE for FSX (I have the original non-deluxe FSX version). Knowing that ADE needs the BglCompiler and Shp2Vec program files to work, I downloaded the P3D SDK files that would also be compatible for editing airports in FSX. (And it did work.) But after...
  17. M

    Ground polygon not physical

    Hi! I try to make a basic ground polygon with only one texture. I made it in Blender, exported in collada (.dae), then in modelconverter x I exported it into .mdl, then with the ground polygon wizard I exported the mdl to bgl. After it, I put it into my airport scenery with texture of course. I...
  18. HannesSchmid

    Reverse Polish Notation

    I would like to learn more abut RPN to write gauges code. Up to now I could not find any document that describes the RPN syntax like what operators and statements are supported and the use of white space (required, possible, forbiden). Is there any such document for FSX or else where can I find...
  19. Vitus

    Blender -> FSX/P3D

    Hey guys, I was wondering if any of you aircraft modellers successfully switched over to Blender 2.80 and if so - how? I would really like to dive into Blender, since no other 3d software can beat its price tag. But it seems as if most users here use it for scenery creation and I find the...
  20. Gonzales

    FSX doesnt read the changed Terrain

    Hi Peoples, I have a problem with the ADE. If i set the terrain polygon, i choose flatten exclude autogen. But if i copy both file, the airport.bgl like airport_cvx.bgl to the FSX-nothing changes. Generic Buildings will display but not the changed terrain. Does anybody know what could be my...