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  1. B

    SDK Paid or unpaid work c# dev sim connect variable read and write

    Hi, I’m currently trying to develop a C# windows form that takes arduino serial data, captures the data and then sends it to flight simulator to set a variable or send a command. Doesn’t need anything flash on the form, just a simple connect and disconnect button. I have tried to look at the...
  2. Poutine_Operator

    How to Add Scenery Object After Saving in OPT?

    Hey all, I just wanted to say thanks for the quick replys and lots of helpful knowledge :) I figured out how to get the object placement tool to work and I was able to add in my carrier that way. It even showed my custom textures and I'm super happy about that. I followed various tutorials on...
  3. D

    FSX Make aircraft handle worse on the ground (rudder)

    Is there any configuration I can change to make aircraft's rudder less effective while on the ground at low speeds? I tried to remove animation from the steering wheel, but that didn't affect anything, other than visuals.
  4. approxdec

    white scenery in fsearthtiles

  5. B

    FSX FSX numbskull help

    Greetings! I hope someone (anyone) here can help me. In a highly abridged story, I was jumping into the deep end of the pool when attempting to fix a default airport in FSX, and downloaded ADE to get into the airport data. Regardless of why (I can explain if someone asks, it's a longer story...
  6. Lagaffe

    Photo coverage too big for FSX

    Hello, Here is the problem: I have created a scene with photo coverage for FSX and Prepar3D. The scene on Prepar3D works very well especially on the 64 bits version. On FSX after a few minutes, most often after a panning, the simulator crashes. After checking all the technical points and BGL...
  7. Poutine_Operator

    FSX:SE XMLVARS Not Working In FSX:SE

    Hey all, I want to use the Icaro AW139 in fsx: se but it says you need to install XMLVARS to get the panels to work. I downloaded XMLVARS and followed the install instructions but no prompt popped up and the panels don't work. How do I fix...
  8. A

    Problem Exporting Car, Help?

    Hi, everyone!! I just animated and textured this car, how can I fix this error? It only appears when I try to export it as an .x file with the P3D SDK to convert it to FSX's version of the .x file in MCX. I imported it as an .obj,and tried to reset the scene, to merge it and still , it displays...
  9. H

    Cross platform developer for search and rescue VA wanted!

    Hello. Looking for a developer to join my IVAO SOG "VSARUK" providing virtual SAR services. This will be a voluntary role but each year we will split any donations received between all members of the SOG equally. Roles will include the development of programs/gauges/tools to assist in flying...
  10. D

    MSFS MSFS 2020 us legacy / fsx aircraft to develop aircraft in msfs 2020?

    Hi all, Not sure if I'm posting this in the right area however, Has anyone been able to get fsx aircraft in vr? Or the buttons working again? For those familiar with the skills would there be a way of essential rebuilding aircraft using the fsx one in the sdk so we could have these functions...
  11. Jason z

    FSX Ground poly disappearing below ground

    I created the ground poly in Blender and exported it via ModelConverterX Ground Polygon Wizard. At certain areas of the airport, the ground polys dip below the ground and disappear- I'm assuming this is because of the curvature. What I've tried: -I've tried cutting and grouping the polygons...
  12. M

    P3D v4 [released] Aermacchi MB-339 for P3Dv4/v5 and FSX

    Hi all, this is to present our first aircraft at FlyingQuixote team, the Aermacchi MB-339 A! Product was released as early access at August 2020, and since then we have published several updates, both scheduled and based on users' feedback. The spirit of the project is in fact to provide...
  13. D

    FSXA Scenproc Extrusion Bridges

    Hi there i have being trying to use scenproc to create extrusion bridges over a river , to no avail here is the script i am using IMPORTOGR|D:\new work 2020\Vector 2020\bridges\bridges.shp|*|*|NOREPROJ # SPLITGRID|LOD5|*|FTYPE="LINE" #...
  14. E

    FSX:SE XML gauge file locked

    Hello experts, I am sorry for such a basic question but I am surprised by what is happening with my FSX-SE. I am an absolute beginner regarding XML gauge coding (you probably know I like C++ much better), I wrote a very simple XML gauge that I integrated in a panel. I selected the aircraft in...
  15. PedroRNunes

    FSXA Black underline in taxiway marks

    Hello all, I am new to this forum but I thought redirecting my issue to where it is most related with, I thought fixing this here would be most efficient :) I am currently developing a 1995 rendition of KDFW airport, but I have struggled with this issue for basically ever when it comes to...
  16. lmhariano

    P3D v4 Default parking spots do not appear in P3D4/FSX

    I've made an AFCAD for SACO airport, based on real charts. However, despite setting all parking spot lines as visible, I was never able to make them showup in FSX'SE. After switching to P3D4 and reading that the parking spot and the taxi path leading to it must not be perfectly lined up, I...
  17. A

    I want to analyze ORBX ground polys and water bgls

    Hi, So I have been working on an airport (Astoria) and it has very similar autogen as orbx KHQM. They also include a custom water bgl that references their water texture. How can I open and analyze these files? I tried ADE and MCX already. By the way , I will not be sharing this scenery , it is...
  18. C

    FSXA Night rendering FSX

    Hello, I am having an issue to display the night texture in the latest MCX development build but MCX version 1.30 can display the night texture when using the night rendering mode. Example file can be any standard fsx bgl library file such as \Scenery\0000\scenery\OBX04070.bgl Am I missing some...
  19. Jason z

    FSX Reduce flickering of ground polys

    Is there any way of optimizing custom ground polys (especially taxiway lines etc) so that when viewed from afar/at an angle the flicker/aliasing is reduced/less noticeable? My own ground poly seem to flicker more easily than default and ADE ground polys. Is this because the textures are too...
  20. H

    Which tool is better?

    Dear developers, I will star to learn 3D, to make scenery and, maybe in the future, aircraft. In your personal opinion, which software is better, to adapt the models to FS: Gmax or Blender? Why? Thank you