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  1. F

    (UVW) Textures in flightsim

    I've been working on a model for FS2020 for my home airport and the model itself is coming along nicely. I've started texturing as well and I've looked up as much as I could about materials and UVW mapping, but I'm stuck. In 3ds, the model is textured (I've restarted the texturing process a few...
  2. Kirill Konovalov

    P3D v4 No export of the animation.

    Hello everyone! I think it's the first time I talk to you.(maybe not, but it was a lo-ong time ago) I usually prefer to read and listen. But recently I had an issue that I can't solve on my own and I did not find the solution. I have no animation in sim after compilation. No matter how...
  3. Jason z

    Blender not exporting taxiway lines

    For some reason Blender is not exporting taxiway lines but still can export my base "runway." The only difference between the runway and the taxiway line is that the runway was made from a plane while the taxiway line was made from a beveled curve that has been reconverted into a mesh. Is there...
  4. BASys

    FSXA MCX - XToMdl.exe - Export Failures - Target Folder Names -

    Hi Arno A belated bug report. Whilst my main PC was busy doing other things, I began using my secondary PC to convert a set of FS8/9 models to FSX compliant. TASK OVERVIEW - As there were a large number of models to convert, and each required multiple actions during the conversion...
  5. J

    Is it possible to Export OBJECT files from BGL Formatted

    Hello. I want to export some scenery objects which have been converted to BGL format already, to further inspect them in other programs (sketchup, blender, etc.). Is there a possibility to "recover" the already formatted files? I don't even have FSX and I don't know a lot about it. Can...
  6. Ronald

    3DS to Blender export tool "3DtoAll"

    For those of you who are interested into exporting your AutoCad 3D Studio project to Blender, take a look at this payware 3DS add-on over here: - http://www.cg3dankfun.com/3dtoall-exports-maxtoblender/ - review 3DtoAll - http://www.3dtoall.com/products/maxtoblender/ ---------------- product website
  7. T

    Gmax/FS2004 suddenly stops exporting X file

    Greetings! Here is a question for the nostalgically inclined or those interested in archaeology: I am trying to make an animated scenery object for FSX, but am using the GMax/FS2004 gamepack --> makeMDL approach. The reason being that I want that animation to be triggered (with the help of...
  8. S

    Export Scenery and Model Triangle Limit?

    I tried to export a scenery with a model with 900K+ triangles and it has been running for 10+ hours. Is there a triangle limit on a model? -Jimmy
  9. H01VE

    skin and bones

    hi mates! Exporting skin and bones simple tests as the Mcx videos (fsx) , bones appear and move on the MCX but mesh keeps still, exporting X, i checked export animations, checked skin… it looked like it was simple am i missing something here?
  10. Bungo

    Photoshop script for tiling large terrain into <2GB TIFF export files

    Hello All, Just thought I'd share this for anyone in the same boat. I am processing a large (210,000 x 180,000 pixel) terrain imagery in photoshop, and exporting to TIFF or other GIS compatable format was proving error prone and tedious, so I wrote this script to take my large image and export...
  11. christopherbritton

    Exporting SODE SimObject in Model Converter X?

    Hello, I made a few performance improvements to a 3rd party SimObject windsock model that I'm using with SODE. However, I seem to be running into an issue. After I finished tweaking, I exported the model as an FSX MDL with the exact same name as the original. However, for some reason the model...
  12. nimworks

    3ds-Max to fs9 exporter 1.0

    The 3ds-Max to fs9 maxscript utility allows you to export 3d objects from 3ds-Max to the 'Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004' directX x file format. The 'x' file exported from 3ds-Max can then be converted to fs-2004 'mdl' model using the fs-2004 MakeMDL SDK, either as a scenery or aircraft object...
  13. nimworks

    3ds-Max Gmax Bridge 2.0

    The 3ds-Max Gmax Bridge maxscript utility facilitates the exchange of geometry and associated key-frame animation between 3ds-Max and Gmax. Gmax, by default, cannot export to data interchange formats like FBX or COLLADA thus making the data created within Gmax redundant and confined to the...
  14. Willow fsx

    Export Problems with MCX

    Dear pilots, I am owner of the addon Antarctica X. Me and my little Sohn build a lot of new base stations with the programm Whisplacer all around in the Antarctic (more than 30 small or bigger research stations). It's very funny. We use the original Antarctica X librarys and some objects from...
  15. Michael21

    Exporting placement file error P3D SDK 3D's Max 2015

    Hello everyone here! Guys, can someone help me? I'm working in 3D Max 2015 with Modeling SDK Plugin for it (64bit - win 10 64bit). Trying to build some objects, when exporting .x file and .mdl, all works just fine. Only problem i've encountered, is that when i'm trying to export placement file i...