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  1. BlackOdinAN2

    MSFS Problem to create a airplane

    Hey guys, I have a little problem that I've been struggling with for days. I have followed the instructions in the SDK and created all the folders and created a project for an airplane via FS2020. In the packet creator there are error messages that the .cfg are not available, but they are in...
  2. DragoB

    MSFS Introduction to MSFS SDK (scenery)

    I have together with a few people (Mr. Wompy on discord et. al) created a short no-bs introduction to creating and compiling a scenery project. The document is not yet finished and I am waiting for others to pitch in. The custom objects insertion is WIP. Also, please keep in mind that some of us...
  3. delivery guy

    P3D V5 SDK now for 3ds max 2020 and 2021

    For those that are not aware P3D V5 SDK is now available for 3DS MAX 2020 and 2021. Download the latest version. We had a thread on their forums and finally got a reply back a few months ago. And i am excited to now have this update as i do not need to export models to the 2019 version anymore.
  4. chxry

    P3D Aircraft Developer

    I'm in a team making a study level A350 for P3DV5 and possibly FS2020. We have some models, textures and sounds currently although we need someone who has developed with the P3D SDK already to help us with getting it into the sim and making things like panels and systems work. We are currently...
  5. V

    ADE SDK File Queries (FSX)

    I downloaded the latest version of ADE for FSX (I have the original non-deluxe FSX version). Knowing that ADE needs the BglCompiler and Shp2Vec program files to work, I downloaded the P3D SDK files that would also be compatible for editing airports in FSX. (And it did work.) But after...
  6. JohnnyBoythePilot

    [SOLVED] Blender2FSX Help: How to Manually Link/Find FSX SDK Path? (Using FSX:SE)

    I'm trying my hand at FSX aircraft making, and before I tackle a Sonex Onex (my ultimate goal), I'm starting off with a fictional design (named "Greenhorn") that I originally made in SimplePlanes, and then exported it as an .obj file, and imported it into Blender, and removed all the material on...

    Need .x file exported from 3DS Max using latest P3D v4.5.12.30293 SDK

    Hi, Recently, I have requested Arno to have a look into the latest SDK. He said it seems there are new features might got added especially on PBR materials part. Since we both don’t have 3DS Max software we couldn’t produce the .x file. I hope someone who has it could help produce the .x file...
  8. Pyscen

    GIMP: Creating "Specular" Maps v4.0

    GIMP: Creating "Specular" Maps for FSX (FSX: SE) & P3D. A PDF (currently v4.1) file containing instructions for GIMP v2.10.xx (64-bit) Only. How to... Creating Specular Maps using material masks with the addition of keyboard shortcuts. GIMP (v2.10.20 & Later): ⦁ None - Additional Plugins not...
  9. Pyscen

    GIMP: Creating Normal/ "Bump" Maps v4.0

    GIMP: Creating Normal/ "Bump" Maps for FSX (FSX: SE) & P3D. A PDF (currently v4.0) file containing instructions for GIMP v2.10.32 (64-bit) and later.. How to... Create Normal/ Bump Maps with (diffuse maps) or without (albedo maps) directional light information. Instructions included for the...
  10. Pyscen

    GIMP: Preparing the 6 EM Textures (Preface) v2.1

    GIMP: Preparing the 6 Environment Maps (EM) Textures for FSX (FSX: SE) and P3D. A PDF file (currently v2.2) containing instructions for v2.10.xx (64-bit) Only. How to... prepare the 6 directional textures that will make up the Environment Map (EM). Keyboard Shortcuts included. You will not...
  11. Pyscen

    ATI: Creating (Cubic) Environment Maps (Part 1) v2.0

    ATI: Creating (Cubic) Environment Maps (Part 1) for FSX (FSX: SE) and P3D. A PDF file (currently v2.1) containing instructions for ATI Cubemap Generator v1.1 & 'Modified' Cubemap Generation v1.66. How to... add the 6 directional textures into either application (below) to create an Environment...
  12. Pyscen

    GIMP: Creating (Cubic) Environment Maps (EM) (Part 1) v2.1

    GIMP: Creating (Cubic) Environment Maps (Part 1) for FSX (FSX: SE) & P3D. A PDF file (currently v2.2) containing instructions for v2.10.xx Only. How to... complete the Environment Map (EM) by using the 6 directional textures made within the Preface. Keyboard Shortcuts Included. Photo Editor...
  13. theisomizer

    [Beta] SimIn SDK

    Hi, We created a new forum to discuss this in more detail, but wanted to share this here in the Showroom as a bit of shameless self-promotion. https://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/beta-announcing-the-simin-sdk.443755/ Myself and @fs1 have been working on various projects working with...
  14. Pyscen

    GIMP: Making a 'Balanced' Texture v2.70

    GIMP: Making a 'Balanced' Texture for FS9, FSX (FSX: SE) & P3D. A PDF (currently v2.80) file containing instructions for v2.10.xx (64-bit) Only. How to... either subdue or remove highlights and shadows from your textures. What some people could call an albedo map. GIMP (Before v2.10.20): ⦁...
  15. Pyscen

    GIMP: Creating Ambient Occlusion (AO) Maps v2.50

    GIMP: Creating "Ambient Occlusion" (AO) Maps for FS9, FSX (FSX: SE) & P3D. A PDF (currently v2.60) file containing instructions for v2.10.xx (64-bit) Only. How to... Creating Ambient Occlusion (AO) Maps and the placement in either the diffuse map or the metallic map (depending on the simulator...
  16. sniperfull

    P3D v4 [C#] WPF, DefWndProc in a WPF application

    Hi, while trying to add a new feature to my KsimSaver, i am struggling to find a way to use DefWndProc in WPF. this code is from the SDK sample, as that is Windows Forms, this code is not usable for WPF, atleast the Protected override void DefWndProc(ref Message m) {} part. the rest of the...
  17. Leo2789

    FS2004 MCX Bgl compiling help - INTERNAL COMPILER ERROR C1003 [FIXED]

    Hello, I am new to MCX and object design in general. I wanted to make a test to see if I could understand and get the hang of the process of creating bgl objects for placement in FS9 from models created with other tools; So I got a model of a building made in SketchUp that I'd like to make the...
  18. DragonflightDesign

    FSX, P3D and CFS3 Gauge Creation Tutorial Rev.38 2018-09-29

    FSX and P3D Gauge Creation Tutorial Rev.38 Not for non-programmers but can be used by non-C programmers. Target changed specifically to FSX and P3D, although the information still mostly applies to FS9 too. Main Revision List in no particular order:- “The Event Handler” topic updated to trap...
  19. sniperfull

    P3D v4 Errors while trying to build a C++ project using Simconnect

    i've been trying to build a project that was originally coded for 32 bit... while trying to get the code running when i selected the 64bit SimConnect.lib into the VC++ directories and Additional Include directories i got these errors while trying to build. Severity Code Description...
  20. johnman

    FS2004 Gmax - Cannot Export makemdl file

    Gmax - Cannot Export makemdl file I currently use gmax to export models to FSX ! I would like to start using gmax to also export models to fs2004. Not having a lot of luck! I get the error : MakeMdl was not found or failed to convert the model found in Export file folder ?? This is a copy of...