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  1. ZdenniZ

    MSFS ATC does not verbally assign parking, but the taxi ribbon and the parking show up

    In my custom airport I've got a weird issue with ATC. There are two parts to the problem: 1. After my landing and clearing the runway immediately a taxi ribbon to the assigned parking shows up but the tower does not verbally assign the parking. There are no taxi to parking options in the ATC...
  2. E

    MSFS GetGameVarValue

    As I was digging into the JavaScript code, I found call to the GetGameVarValue function, something like: It looks similar to the well known GetSimVarValue, but I don't know the difference. And "AIRCRAFT CRUISE MACH" is not part of the sim vars, so what is it? Is it a specific variable created...
  3. L

    MSFS VASI not showing the 3d object.

    Hi, I have a problem with a scene that worked before SDK0.12 but not now anymore. My VASI lights are only showing the light effect and not the 3d object anymore. Plus the spacing parameter is not working. Tweaking this parameter have no effect on it. Any idea why?
  4. C

    Unable to install MSFS_SDK_Installer_0.11.0.0

    I have tried to install SDK 0.11, but everytime i tried, got the message that the isntaller has ended prematurely. I have done the instalation many times before (with pre previus version, I guess), but now I can´t. Does anybody knows why? Thanks for your help.
  5. C

    MSFS ***Can’t save/build polygons

    Hey guys first off ive been trying to find a solution for days now. So here it is.... Im trying to make the land where my cottage is look more like in reality and things werent going too bad. I had a polygon to romove a autogen building that wasnt quite like what i want so i exluded it and added...
  6. D

    3D Studio Max plugins in the SDK? What do they do?

    I'm very curious what the 3D Studio Max plugins included in the SDK provide. Do they offer things that Blender's GLtf import/export don't? What are the pros and cons of using 3DS vs Blender for developing mods and assets for MSFS? I'm an experienced 3D art professional, but just trying to get...
  7. Geoffb

    One way runway settings in SDK

    I am building a airstrip with a one way runway with left hand circuit. Landing can only be '04', and take offs can only be 22, due to one end of the runway(22) having high trees. What settings do I need to apply to the SDK to only get runway 04 for landing indicated on the MSFS world map?
  8. A

    Original Airport Objects Not Being Deleted

    Hi Its SDK and I still cannot delete all of a standard airport. The taxiway edge lights and the wind socks just will not delete. Tried everything, nothing works. My "Airport" have all the ticks to delete every object tickets, my polygone to delete all the building is intact and i've...
  9. U

    packagetool.exe help !!!

    Hi guys . I dont want to wait 9 minutes to see if my package is being created correctly by starting the game and trying to do from the main menu of the game. That fspackagetool supposed to work without game as I have researched. But there is no instructions or what so ever on the internet. I see...
  10. G

    P3D v4 Is it possible to read SimConnect Variables from First Officer?

    Hello, as the question in the title... I have read from an Thrid Party Add-On the QNH with the Variable "KOHLSMAN SETTING MB". This works for the Captains pfd. But how can I read the F/O QNH? I have tried it with "KOHLSMAN SETTING MB:1". And also with 2, 3 and 4... But nothing worked. Any...
  11. Santo

    MSFS [SOLVED] Issue with SDK

    Hello, gentlemens! I'm going to appeal to your wisdom to see if you guys have ANY ideas about this issue. I am attaching a video down below to describe it. As soon as I enable the SDK mode, this 'worm holes' comes up on everywhere I go with the camera, any project, absolutely everything I do...
  12. Lons01

    Enable Coloration in apron properties stopped working

    Has anyone found the enable coloration option in apron properties has stopped working, I use it to help colour correct ground textures but now it does nothing
  13. David Kings

    MSFS Need Help, Cant build package when compiling an airport

    hello need help, I am editing a default airport from my home town, I was able to add aprons and taxiways and built the package with no problems but when I add the runways and try to build the package I get some error messages and the BLG file in scenery in the package folder does not appear, I...
  14. C

    MSFS crashing when placing taxiways code: 0x80000003

    when im working on my airport and i try placing a few taxiways, the game always crashes with error code 0x80000003 in the event viewer as shown here: has anyone jet encountered this issue?
  15. Jay Bloomfield

    SDK now available for download

    It was made available with Patch #7 and the USA update.
  16. Kiartz

    Enormous .DDS after Build Package the second time!

    Hi Guys! I've a big problem with my Scenery Package! The .DDS file are very very big :oops:! I've made some test but I can't undestand... I explayn you... - I've import in ModelLib folder my Object with 3 texture, one at 8192x8192 and the others 2 at 4096. -Clean All -Build All - This is the...
  17. RomanDesign

    MSFS Critical problem with normal maps in MSFS (Blender workflow)

    There is something very wrong with NORMAL textures in MSFS while exporting Blender models (or with me, doing it wrong). I have finally nailed down the consistent problem I had with different-looking parts of my models with one and the same baked material. As soon as I disconnect normal MSFS...
  18. T

    MSFS Windsock simobject backwards?

    I just noticed that the grass my plane is kicking up was going the opposite direction as my windsock (which just happened to be in view for once) And this led me to investigate a little more. it turns out that all the windsocks in my addon are 180 degrees wrong when placed and ive got to turn...
  19. C

    Texture in River

    Hi all, I created the beautiful city of Bamberg with a custom satellite picture, the airport and the main sights. The problem I have is now, that the river has the satellite picture underneath the water. There is water, but it looks as if it is super shallow because of the aerial texture (see...
  20. C

    MSFS Living World & Services at Airport

    Hey everyone, I created my first custom airport and now want to adjust the life on the airfield a little bit. That includes services, airplane spawning (so far there is no aircrafts spawning at my gates) etc. I did some research and found this interesting discussion with the hint of...