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  1. Pyscen

    ATI: Creating (Cubic) Environment Maps (Part 1) v2.0

    ATI: Creating (Cubic) Environment Maps (Part 1) for FSX (FSX: SE) and P3D. A PDF file (currently v2.1) containing instructions for ATI Cubemap Generator v1.1 & 'Modified' Cubemap Generation v1.66. How to... add the 6 directional textures into either application (below) to create an Environment...
  2. Pyscen

    GIMP: Creating (Cubic) Environment Maps (EM) (Part 1) v2.1

    GIMP: Creating (Cubic) Environment Maps (Part 1) for FSX (FSX: SE) & P3D. A PDF file (currently v2.2) containing instructions for v2.10.xx Only. How to... complete the Environment Map (EM) by using the 6 directional textures made within the Preface. Keyboard Shortcuts Included. Photo Editor...
  3. Jason z

    FSX KCLE Cleveland Hopkins for FSX/P3D (freeware)

    In case anyone was wondering on what happened to the CLE scenery I was working on, here are some photos from the project: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1dW6fgl06RAou4BxGZfHdj3hfDBKCS4L9/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1W1NuI9FVDkPV9xnhod6OZms6ZC2HdLX9/view?usp=sharing...
  4. O

    P3D v4 Explore the world with a new type of career software

    A PILOT'S LIFE add-on for FSX/P3D simulates a commercial pilot career, taking you from the first steps of a junior first officer employed at a local small company, to a senior captain at a world renowned airline. Let me know what you think guys. Thanks! Developer website...
  5. Albi

    Gmax orientation help!

    How do I set axis Y is up in gmax? Currently Z is towards up. It’s messing up my animation when I take it to MCX.
  6. Albi

    Gmax animation problem (Solved)

    I created a loop animation line in gmax for a bus to follow, it animates fine but when I click Trajectory collapse, the bus snaps to origin/center and moves over there. 0,0 position. Any idea how to solve?
  7. jimkeir

    FSX Mission Editor 2 2.0.7311

    The new Mission Editor is an evolution of the original "FSX Mission Editor", combined with many of the ideas used in the Dovetail Games "Pro Mission Tool" for Flight Sim World. It allows you to easily design and test your own missions, leading you from simple beginnings to complex, evolving...
  8. C

    Generic buildings not showing in ADE and FSX

    Hello, I am having a strange problem regarding FSX and ADE. For some reason no generic buildings are showing in FSX on airports where they normally should be. This happens on ANY airport that has generic buildings. If I open such an airport with ADE, the blue rectangle which stands for a generic...
  9. Cirrofoen

    FSX:SE Pilatus PC-12NG

    Hey guys! This is my first time entering this community. I have been playing around in FSX a lot lately, and I have some decent Blender experience, so I have decided to try and model a Pilatus PC-12NG as a first project to add into FSX. It's one of my favourite turboprops out there. I'll be...
  10. Pyscen

    GIMP: Making a 'Balanced' Texture v2.70

    GIMP: Making a 'Balanced' Texture for FS9, FSX (FSX: SE) & P3D. A PDF (currently v2.80) file containing instructions for v2.10.xx (64-bit) Only. How to... either subdue or remove highlights and shadows from your textures. What some people could call an albedo map. GIMP (Before v2.10.20): ⦁...
  11. Pyscen

    GIMP: Creating Ambient Occlusion (AO) Maps v2.50

    GIMP: Creating "Ambient Occlusion" (AO) Maps for FS9, FSX (FSX: SE) & P3D. A PDF (currently v2.60) file containing instructions for v2.10.xx (64-bit) Only. How to... Creating Ambient Occlusion (AO) Maps and the placement in either the diffuse map or the metallic map (depending on the simulator...
  12. Albi

    FSX MCX problems? groundpoly.

    I am creating ground poly, created a runway using gmax. I have used 8 textures for it such as edge white line, yellow line, overlay, base asphalt and so on. But when I open it in MCX via ground poly wizard, only 6 textures show up. Then another problem is, I get textures switched, shown in the...
  13. kevinmdavis2010

    FSX:SE Weird ADE Issue

    Hi all, I just completed a test run of the new airport I made, and compiled it into FSX. However, when I put my aircraft at the airport, I'm positioned in a giant hole in the ground. I have attached the ADEX4 file to this message. Please advise, Kevin Davis
  14. S

    FSX FS Recorder V 2.1 stable

    Does anyone have fsrecorder v 2.1 stable version? The website is down. I really need the software for making videos of my new scenery. Please help Thank you.
  15. G

    Blender animations with bones problem with FSX

    Hi, I have a link problem between animations (one using bones and another one without bones) for the export to FSX. Everything works correctly under Blender but it's completely erratic under FSX. The export of the animation with bones alone works properly but once bound nothing goes anymore...
  16. W

    FSX Ground illumination

    Hello everybody! in the last couple days I realised that the exterior light of the A2A aircraft don't illuminate the ground (except for landing lights). After some search I found some old effects and managed to attach them to the c182. The effects are made by some textures which are placed...
  17. T

    Good Scenery performance

    Hello everybody, I would like to know how e.g. Jo Erlend Sund can achieve such a good performance with his complex and very detailed sceneries. Thank you very much
  18. rpmc

    Attempting to trap VIEW_RESET event

    I'm attempting to trap events associated with View commands mapped to the keyboard. For example, when NUMPAD 4 is pressed, the outside view looks left and the following trap successfully runs script A: <Keys> <On Event="VIEW_LEFT"> do script A </On> </Keys> When NUMPAD 4 is released...
  19. SimArc

    MSFS Islamabad International Airport OPIS

    [MSFS 2020 Development progress is shared at the end of this thread] Hello everyone !! We have some good news for you. Today we are announcing our next project and that is "Islamabad International Airport - OPIS", located in the Capital city of Pakistan, Islamabad. It has replaced "Benazir...
  20. 4

    FS crashes when I load custom scenery

    I am currently building an airport from scratch using ADE. However, when I try to load it in FSX, the game crashes when I'm around it. Currently the airport is not that big since I would like it to load without crashing before continuing . I'm not sure what is causing the problem other than I...