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  1. EnvyHorizon Studios

    P3D v4 EnvyHorizon Studios-Chuuk International Airport-P3D4-5-XP11-RELEASED

    Hello Everyone. Let Introduce Our New Developer Its called EnvyHorizon Studios. We are providing a Quality Scenery also good at Modelling and texturing. Beside of Chuuk. We are just ask from WorldSky to Provide this scenery into EnvyHorizon. Next Our Plan will be Focus on International Market...
  2. haykal17

    P3D v5 OJAM Amman Civil Airport for P3Dv4, v5, MSFS and maybe Xplane 11

    Hi again, We at project max has continued our works on Amman civil airport, (ICAO : OJAM) started around the same time with CYZF, have a lot of shared technologies with it, also with my WIID, both have a lot of houses/building surrounding the airport havent done the terminal yet, as we still...
  3. S

    Help with a new custom animation

    Hi everyone, my name is Juan, I'm from Argentina this world all new to me and all your post help so much with a proyect and I think is 75% complete in terms of i need, I desing a A-4AR, a modified version of de A-4M. I managed to do all the animation, make textures (not me, but a I do all de...
  4. SimCreations

    P3D v4 Rennes LFRN 2021

    Hello, I've been working on updating my LFRN (Rennes, France) scenery from 2017 to a 2021 P3Dv4 version, here are some previews : Will be available on October 20th. Enzo
  5. B

    FSX Info needed for add-on please

    Hi all I’ve been trying to find the best possible way to write an add-on for FSX,P3D and in future MSFS whereby I use custom made avionics hardware, I’ve been developing my own hardware in the hopes of one day starting a company but my background in the coding/inner workings of the sim is...
  6. mitchsaviation

    How Do I Edit Land Class?? In P3D

    I have been developing my product and when generating a file it created a piece of land that look very weird, how can edit this and get rid of it what software do i need?? please help needed!!
  7. B

    SDK Paid or unpaid work c# dev sim connect variable read and write

    Hi, I’m currently trying to develop a C# windows form that takes arduino serial data, captures the data and then sends it to flight simulator to set a variable or send a command. Doesn’t need anything flash on the form, just a simple connect and disconnect button. I have tried to look at the...
  8. Y

    Getting Started

    Hey, I want to get try learning and experimenting with making sceneries for P3D v5 but I really don't know where to start. I understand that if I want to make a building model I would need to model It in a 3D modeling software but not sure how It goes from a model to a P3D asset and then into...
  9. Jackaroo05

    MSFS P3D v4/v5 Gauge to MSFS?

    Is there any way to port a P3D v4/v5 gauge to MSFS? I'm trying to convert analog gauges. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  10. Mosesjunior

    Skinned mesh material

    Hello anyone? I just tested an export of my A320NEO model from 3DS MAX 2014 with the P3Dv4 SDK. I was testing skinned mesh animations on one wing to see if it works but no good results. I applied a normal material, applied diffuse texture, allow bloom select by default, i checked the skinned...
  11. zTrusted

    P3D v4 Performance-friendly SODE Objects

    I am currently making windmills for Germany and have so far more than 24,000 coordinates (I use SODE). The whole thing should of course be performance friendly and pull as little FPS as possible. Currently I have more than 24,000 placements and that pulls decent FPS. Is there another method that...
  12. B

    PAPI light issue

    After I installed some new Airport sceneries a problem appeared with the PAPI lights. They change shape and elevate when approaching them. As you can see on the picture, on the left runway the PAPIs are how they should be but on the runway I am approaching they suddenly change to what you see on...
  13. C

    P3D v5 Help with autogen (P3Dv5)

    Hi! mi name is Agustín, im a new in Ortho and ScenProc I'm doing a stage in Buenos Aires, but when it comes to testing it, the autogen is very scarce; i use the ortho and the ScenProc that is used automatically by the ortho, but I do not know how to make it generate, I have tried a thousand...
  14. Matteo07

    Invalid file X

    Hi everyone, I tryed to convert a file .mdl and ModelConverterX v1.4 reported this error: I saw that MCX doesn't create the file .X How can I fix it? Thank you, Matteo
  15. Axonos

    MSFS Axonos looking for P3D & MFS2020 Scenery Developers

    Axonos is expanding our team mainly to meet the demand for our scenery in MFS2020 and P3D. This is a paid role and requires high amounts of dedication and communication with fellow team members. In your email please let us know your experience, name, age & whether you are want a full-time or...
  16. H

    Cross platform developer for search and rescue VA wanted!

    Hello. Looking for a developer to join my IVAO SOG "VSARUK" providing virtual SAR services. This will be a voluntary role but each year we will split any donations received between all members of the SOG equally. Roles will include the development of programs/gauges/tools to assist in flying...
  17. SNJ_Shiizo

    P3D v4 Small lines crossing ground poly imagery

    Hello, I made this satellite ground poly but I don't know how to be ride of those small line crossing the scenery. I tried some things like change number of tiles or remove the slice polygone option in MCX but it didn't work. any idea?
  18. R

    P3Dv4 Landmarks

    Hello Guys, please tell me witch software i should use to make a landmarks like this pictures. I start working whit FSET im now locking for a software to place Autogen (Houses and trees) on it . I'm waiting for your answers Thanks!
  19. R

    Conversion on MCX

    Hello, Im using P3DV4.5 i have SDK instaled on my computer i want to put 3d models directly via MCX sadly is not working the problem i can't see the model on p3dv4.5. I create file scenery & texture ;) Please guys help me to fix this problem
  20. R

    Paid project in the kindom of Morocco

    Hello, Im locking for someone to help me to create some scenery in Morocco for P3D if possible, I need to learn the scenery development whit my team we want to organize some meetings via discord sherd screen and share whit us your experience. Off course if you interested contact me on discord...