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  1. K

    FSXA Set TAXI lights for AI traffic

    Has someone managed to set TAXI lights for AI traffic? I can set all the other lights, but taxi lights do not work. A similar question has been asked years back and I wonder if someone has solved the issue: I have tried both, bit mask and single values. In the documentation it says the value...
  2. W

    P3D v3 .mdl file corruption from AIFP3

    I converted several old FS9 and FSX aircraft for use in P3D as AI. When inputting these aircraft in AIFP3, it sometimes notifies me that no model radius was included in the .mdl file or that the .mdl file was inaccessible. I entered a radius and and clicked on the "Update Aircraft config/Sim...
  3. flemon

    ADE with P3D

    Hello for the first time! I'm quite interested in designing a few local sceneries for P3D and was wondering whether I can use P3D with ADE. I do not have FSX, just P3D, and I thought it would be worth asking about this rather than getting FSX just for scenery designing. Is this possible? I'm...
  4. T

    FSX [SOLVED] How to create the ground?

    Hi Everyone, I created the ground of my airport in Blender. You can see this "Mesh" in MCX here: http://bit.ly/2fG4GKY Later on I imported it as a Library Object into ADE and then I saw that the Mesh was flickering in FSX. It looked like on this thread...
  5. TheAri

    P3D v3 Embraer Legacy 650

    I started this model yesterday. I know it is very rare and there is a lot of work to do, but what do you guys think about it?
  6. MagMexico


    We are developing this beautiful Airport of our Locality (Monterrey, Mexico). We show you some project captures!
  7. Pyscen

    PS: Making a "Balanced" Texture v2.50

    PS: Making a Balanced Texture for FS9, FSX (FSX: SE) & P3D A PDF file (currently v2.50) containing instructions for Photoshop Software. How to... either subdue or remove highlights and shadows from your textures. What some people could call an albedo map.
  8. GeorgianVA

    FSX P3D Autogen not showing in FSX

    Hello, i created a scenery with the P3D SDK. I want to make it available for FSX as well. For most things this works out fine: groundpolies, object and photoscenery are showing up in FSX as expected. But there is no Autogen! What can I do to make it appear as well? I was using the P3D...
  9. SimCreations

    FSX Dinard Pleurtuit LFRD Scenery WIP

    Hi, I started the terminal of the airport, more previews very soon :) Simcreations ;)
  10. RicherSims

    P3D v3 [SOLVED] Custom Autogen Objects do not show up. Suppress Vegetation.

    I've noticed issues with calling custom autogen objects from P3Ds default.xml. They simply do not show up and also supress all autogen vegetation within the same cell. Below is a scenery that I created for FSX with custom lightpoles and vehicles called via the default.xml. Works fine (light...
  11. Pyscen

    PS: Creating Ambient Occlusion (AO) Maps v2.50

    PS: Creating Ambient Occlusion (AO) Maps for FS9, FSX (FSX: SE) & P3D. A PDF (currently v2.60) file containing instructions for Photoshop Software. How to... Creating Ambient Occlusion (AO) Maps and the placement in either the diffuse map or the metallic map (depending on the simulator...
  12. Pyscen

    PS: Creating "Specular" Maps v3.70

    PS: Creating Specular Maps for FSX (FSX: SE) & P3D. A PDF file (currently v3.80) containing instructions for Photoshop Software Only. How to... Creating "Specular" Maps using material masks. Photoshop Family: NVIDIA Texture Tools (NVIDIA Normal Map filter, NVIDIA DDS plug-in, Mipster, and...
  13. lordofwings

    FSX Ambiguity in RequestDataOnSimObject

    I think there is a lot of ambiguity in the SimConnect.RequestDataOnSimObject when it comes to periods, changes, etc. This IMHO is typical of old style C/C++ programmers :) In particular when you look at the API method or function there are these parameters in the same call that seem to be...
  14. Jack737Fly

    P3D v3 Issue with attchment effects

    Hello guys! I have little trouble with my own effects on P3D and FSX, I can't see them. These are some pictures that describes my problem(see in the attchment), and also 2 main files(orginal and modified effect with bmp files). Should I modify some parameters? I've used the attach tool for...
  15. Jack737Fly

    P3D v3 Issue with attchment effects

    Hello guys! I have little trouble with effects on P3D and FSX. I can't see my effects. These are some pictures that describes my problem(see in the attchment), and also 2 main files(orginal and modified effect with bmp files). Should I modify some parameters? I hope you can help me. Thanks...
  16. lordofwings

    FSX SimConnect for generating gauge failures (via events)

    I am familiar with the list of SimConnect event IDs for failure generation which are about 14 or so (hydraulics, electrical, brakes, pitot, vacuum and engine failures). However, how would one go about using SimConnect to generate other failures such as gauge failures (altimeter, attitude...
  17. Pyscen

    PS: Creating Normal/ "Bump" Maps v3.70

    PS: Creating Normal/ "Bump" Maps for FSX (FSX: SE), and P3D. A PDF file (currently v3.80) containing instructions for Photoshop Software. How to... Create a Normal/ Bump Maps with (Diffuse Maps) or without (Albedo Maps) directional light information. NVIDIA Texture Tools (NVIDIA Normal Map...
  18. lordofwings

    FSX Can I have multiple instances of SimConnect object in a single app?

    I am writing an application using SimConnect and yesterday while thinkering out of the computer it came to my mind that perhaps instead of declaring a single SimConnect object to share among all sorts of handlers, I could have one SimConnect object for each "handler". The question is... is that...
  19. lordofwings

    Use SimConnect with Microsoft .NET C# ?

    I am looking for leads on developing a software using SimConnect but using Microsoft .NET C# rather than C++. Can anybody point me in the right direction? I am thinking on SimConnect because it works across computers (remote connection) and FSUIPC doesn't.
  20. lordofwings

    P3D v3 Any Microsoft .NET library to interface with P3D?

    I need to interface to Prepar3D using C# and would like to know if there is any helper library that would use SimConnect or perhaps FSUIPC (Free). I used to develop with a library called FSUIPClient.NET from Paul Henty for FSX but that relies exclusively on FSUIPC and I do not know if it works...