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  1. lordofwings

    P3D v3 Any Microsoft .NET library to interface with P3D?

    I need to interface to Prepar3D using C# and would like to know if there is any helper library that would use SimConnect or perhaps FSUIPC (Free). I used to develop with a library called FSUIPClient.NET from Paul Henty for FSX but that relies exclusively on FSUIPC and I do not know if it works...
  2. TheGreyGoose

    Request help with FSX/P3D toggle gauges and tooltips.

    Hi, I've been making a few XML gauges and am stuck on a few things. Understanding the differences of the old types vs new types is obviously confusing to a noob. I've been able to accomplish maybe 80% of what I've wanted but am stuck on a few items, mainly 3 separate things. #1 - I want to...
  3. S

    SimFly Baghdogra X BETA

    Baghdogra VEBD is a airport in India. I have just completed making the beta version of the scenery. Download from the link -http://simflydevelopers.wixsite.com/simflydevelopers/baghdogra-airport-vebd FEATURES- 1. High detailed representation of Baghdoghra Customs Airport (VEBD). 2. Includes...
  4. RicherSims

    Semi-Automated Building Footprint Extraction from Satellite Imagery for Autogen Creation in FSX/P3D

    Resource download available here: http://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/resources/semi-automated-building-footprint-extraction-from-satellite-imagery-for-autogen-creation-in-fsx-p3d.179/ Excuse the scientific research paper headline, but that's all I've been reading over the last few weeks! :D:D...
  5. RicherSims

    Semi-automated building footprint extraction from satellite imagery for Autogen creation in FSX-P3D 1.0

    In this resource I'll attempt to detail a method I have revised to semi-automatically produce autogen for FSX/P3D. Hopefully this will lead to some discussion and improvement that this entire community can benefit from. My results have been somewhat satisfactory using 2 different methods; one...
  6. BASys

    MCX - Options - Exporter Settings

    Hi Folks Arno - Either I'm having a very serious senior moment, or something weird's going on with my MCX's Options Exporter settings. I hadn't used MCX for a while. Today, needed to convert a model into FSX format. Imported the model. Went to export, received an unexpected error - 08:21...
  7. Alex753

    FSX/P3D Songon-Té ,My private field (Drone captured!)

    Hi guys ! I'm proud to show you My first drone-Captured scenery , i never saw this concept anywhere, so I decided to test that ! Songon-Té is My private field in Ivory Coast , the runway is in dirt and her lenght is 800m (2624Ft) , it's hard to land there because of the Tree at the runway...
  8. Paul Domingue

    Aero Ae-145 2016-07-02

    Aero Ae-145 The Aero is a model that I put on the shelf in preference of my WWII military aircraft modeling. I will not have the time to complete it so I am making the mesh, reference material and the FSX package available for anyone interested in continuing the work. I wont get into any...
  9. T

    C Programmer for FSX/P3D add-on

    PM if interested
  10. D

    Developers needed for permanent employment

    Hi All, First of all, I am aware it may seem a bit iffy (strange) that I don'g have a profile picture, however, I haven't had time to shrink my logo down haha. Anyways, I am new to the forum, and I can't wait to become an active contributor and member of these forums. Anyways, down to the...
  11. Jack737Fly

    P3D v3 Issue with Buildings on P3D V3 with "Avatar Mode"

    Hello guys! I'm beginning with scenery development, and I want ask u wath is going on here with buildings. See video below.. This issue only appear when I am on Avatar mode. Thanks in advance! Kind regards, Giacomo P.S. My apologise for lag on this video.
  12. Jack737Fly

    P3D v3 Issue with Buildings on P3D V3 with "Avatar Mode"

    Hello guys! I'm beginning with scenery development, and I want ask u wath is going on here with buildings. See video below.. This issue only appear when I am on Avatar mode. Thanks in advance! Kind regards, Giacomo P.S. My apologise for lag on this video.
  13. pinkjr

    P3D v3 PhotoRico Scenery Ribas Domicci (TJIG)....work starts

    Started work on this very busy multi use airport, located in the heart of San Juan's Convention District. This airport is the proving grounds for most aviation students in the region. Scenery will feature multiple Aviation Schools, FBO's, Army National Guard Aviation facilities, commercial...
  14. S

    FSX Ground polygon textures appearing black

    i converted my textures to 32bit bmp using dxtbmp along with alpha textures. then i converted them to dds file using image tool from p3d sdk. after that i converted my gmax polygon to bgl file using mcx ground polygon wizard. but after adding my scenery to fsx the polygons are appearing black...
  15. Fern

    Prepar3D: Timed objects

    Is there a way to "tweak" objects so that we can time their showing in Prepar3D? Thanks Fern
  16. Y

    Flight Dynamics in MSFS V1.0 2016-03-02

    This PDF-document gives a deeper view at the flight dynamics model incorporated in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004, FSX and Prepa3D. It mainly analyses the interactions between the parameters in the airplane configuration files (aircraft.cfg and *.air) with focus on forces (lift, drag, side...
  17. kvrijt

    Multiple gyro drift in FSX

    We're working with multiple gyro's in a machine we're developing which should off course have a different drift. Therefore I added one in our aircraft.cfg. [direction_indicators] //1 Type: 0=None, 1=Vacuum Gyro, 2=Electric Gyro, 3=Electro-Mag Slaved Compass, 4=Slaved to another //2 Indicator...
  18. Fern

    Prepar3D - Converted bgl files with Model Converter X

    This question is for a friend of mine who doesn't speak English and lives in another country (other than Canada). I convert bgl files made for FS9 to FSX (using Model Converter X) and everything shows in the Prepar3D of a local buddy, no problem. When this friend in he other country tries to...
  19. 49Degrees

    P3D v2 Baden Airpark X - EDSB

    Hi! Here's my latest project: The Baden Airpark X - EDSB Here are some nice Screenshots: The scenery is intendet to be released as freeware for these simulators: -FSX Classic -FSX:Steam Edtion -Prepar3D v 2.5 -Prepar3D v3 We hope you like the Screensots! :-) There are more to be...
  20. trixter453

    FSX Airbus A350xwb

    First test model for A350-900 not a final product !