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  1. lionheart

    P3D v4 Can a Person.... Airplane MDL file... MCX..... (Arno)

    Hey all.. Can I go into a MDL file with MCX and find the parts Prop1 and change them to animation Prop0? To do this simple procedure in Max and the SDK pack would take hours (for several variants and their visibility settings, etc, etc, etc. This.... If it could be done, would save me a ton...
  2. Itay Dor


    now i have darker faces and brighter faces with same texture what i do (using blender render and its not showing it in blender)
  3. Itay Dor

    P3D v4 Rain effect on GP

    Its raining outside so i am thinking how can i make rain effects on GP? Thanks
  4. Itay Dor

    P3D v4 Textures are different with the same texture only after convertion

    Texture is different after conversion to v4 latest development release.
  5. Albi

    Gmax orientation help!

    How do I set axis Y is up in gmax? Currently Z is towards up. It’s messing up my animation when I take it to MCX.
  6. Jason z

    Texture Information Not Exporting to MCX

    For some reason two of my textures for my ground polys are not listed when I export them into MCX. When I load the compiled ground polys up, the missing textures are replaced by some other texture. I don't know which textures they were replaced with exactly since they are so distorted. So far...
  7. Aidas Patas

    P3D v4 MCX cuts texture.

    The texture just cuts like that in mcx (see third img) In my sim, it looks like this (see 2nd image) And rendered model (first img) I have set my runway texture above the main texture.
  8. P

    Best way to place objects and add earth curvature

    Hi guys, First of all the tools i use are: - Sketchup (for modelling) - ADE (for placing and compiling) - ModelConverter X (for converting .DAE to -mdl files) My problem right now: I want to add earth curvature to my model through the Earth Curve Tool in MCX (it has all runways in it). It...
  9. P

    Best way to place objects and add earth curvature

    Hi guys, First of all the tools i use are: - Sketchup (for modelling) - ADE (for placing and compiling) - ModelConverter X (for converting .DAE to -mdl files) My problem right now: I want to add earth curvature to my model through the Earth Curve Tool in MCX (it has all runways in it). It...
  10. Aidas Patas

    Unsupported material element map_Ks

    Hello, I am getting this error, after converting .BGL to .OBJ, [ONJReader] Unsupported material map_Ks, however I looked into it and found nothing online, and this error makes all of my buildings window parts go transparent and see through, for example: .OBJ File: .BGL File: Also, any clue...
  11. Albi

    FSX MCX problems? groundpoly.

    I am creating ground poly, created a runway using gmax. I have used 8 textures for it such as edge white line, yellow line, overlay, base asphalt and so on. But when I open it in MCX via ground poly wizard, only 6 textures show up. Then another problem is, I get textures switched, shown in the...
  12. M

    P3D v4 Added Landing lights won't turn off

    Hi, If I setup the default 747 in the sim on the ground at night, all the lights (wing, landing, taxi etc) -- all work perfectly as expected. No mods done to the aircraft at all -- everything default. Then, using MCX I can open and attach an fx_landing effect to the default B747 model as an...
  13. R

    Effect Boxes don't match the lamp models

    Hi, I'm having trouble with airport lighting recently. Let me get this straight, First,the models and the attatchpoints are exactly aligned in 3DS Max. Second as I exported them separatedly, drop them into MCX, and both did FSX earth curve correction. Then I placed them both with the same...
  14. R

    P3D v4 [SOLVED]3DS MAX material export and Alpha channel problem

    Hi all, I ran into really annoying problems these days ,just sorted out some of them, but this one is too hard that I had to seek for exact help with.:( First, I'm new to 3DS MAX, currently using version of 2017 with SDK version Prepar3D v4 SDK 4.2.21. I followed the tutorial that LM provided...
  15. A

    Error: Index was out of range

    Hello guys. Someone had this error before? Would be nice if you could help me. Thanks!
  16. Jason z

    Effect Parameter Editor

    Some options for when the light should appear are clear such as night, random, and day. However, what does HOD, MOH, MOY, SOM, and DOM mean?
  17. Leo2789

    FS2004 MCX Bgl compiling help - INTERNAL COMPILER ERROR C1003 [FIXED]

    Hello, I am new to MCX and object design in general. I wanted to make a test to see if I could understand and get the hang of the process of creating bgl objects for placement in FS9 from models created with other tools; So I got a model of a building made in SketchUp that I'd like to make the...
  18. Nieggou

    corrupted Textures

    Hey, So.. I tried to export my model from ModelConverterX to P3D V4, but when it's loaded, the textures will look a bit.. ..strange... I made sure, that the texture is a .ddl file, but that didn't fix it either.
  19. Jason z

    Blue on paved surfaces in MCX

    I recently decompiled some scenery ground polys (sunskyjet KPHL) to learn more about custom ground polys. After decompiling, all paved surfaces had a blue color on them in MCX, what is this, what is its purpose, and how do you add it to ground polys?
  20. Nieggou

    Textures not working in MCX

    Hey everyone, I stumbled across this failure and can't really solve it. I was exporting a .dae file from blender, as usual loaded a .dds file as a texture. Could anyone help me, please? I would appreciate every kind of help. :D Nieggou