1. Lordnum

    Problem Launching Flight™

    Hi There! I'm new here, but was advised by a fellow Flight pilot, HB1PC3, to join this website to ask for much needed help. As I am also posting to & to ask for the same advice, I have posted all the problematic information to a page within my own website, at...
  2. ynagyang

    FSX Please help me

    How to make a HD ground ,Satellite imagery or other .I use Satellite imagery,but the resolution of the ground is too bad! Who can tell me ,thanks!
  3. G

    A-Level Computing Project - how to do this....?

    Hello all, Recently signed up here for help with this, I am doing a FS App for an A-Level computing project. I have chosen to base it on flight simulator, and am finally at the point of starting the coding after writing the report. Essentially, this app, to run just on the FS machine, will...
  4. P

    FSX Can't get wheel positions to work correctly

    I'm trying to teach myself how to do this whole plane design thing, so please excuse the probably dumb question, but I've got a simple model, and in the aircraft.cfg i've tried to get the wheel placements to work, but it seems no matter what numbers I use, it makes no effect, and if I pause it...