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  1. 1

    Looking for an artist to create a single Hangar for personal scenery

    Hello everyone. I'm a real life pilot and flight sim enthusiast and although I've managed to learn how to create a scenery using the SDK I have no knowledge of 3d modeling so I am looking for someone to create a single hangar for an airport where I've used to work from a couple years ago. I have...
  2. D

    3D Studio Max plugins in the SDK? What do they do?

    I'm very curious what the 3D Studio Max plugins included in the SDK provide. Do they offer things that Blender's GLtf import/export don't? What are the pros and cons of using 3DS vs Blender for developing mods and assets for MSFS? I'm an experienced 3D art professional, but just trying to get...
  3. L

    Chaos Group Brings Real-Time to V-Ray 5 for SketchUp

    Full Spectrum of Visualization, from Real-Time to Photoreal Rendering, Now Available in SketchUp LOS ANGELES, Calif. – November 9, 2020 – Today, Chaos Group released V-Ray 5 for SketchUp, a new update that connects real-time and photorealistic rendering into a single workflow. With the...
  4. D

    Modelling and animation

    Hi all guys, I've already tried to look for this kind of "problem" but I didn't manage to find a thread about this. I'm just getting into modelling and animation for P3D v4.4 and I use Blender 2.82 with MCX 1.4.0. I already managed to put 3d object into already existing planes butI got some...
  5. Rotornut44

    [Resolved] Dealing with model part conflicts (z-index?)

    Hello. Let me start by saying that I am very new to Blender and my basic understanding of how some things work is by no means close to an expert level. To date, I have done almost all my modeling work in Sketchup, which is obviously a night and day difference from Blender. However, I have...
  6. Rotornut44

    Internal modeling not visible through semi-transparent texture.

    Hello. I have been building a greenhouse model off and on over the last few days. The model I have designed is a metal frame greenhouse with what is suppose to be a plastic cover over the entire metal frame. (The frame is just a 2D texture) I have added an alpha channel to my single texture...
  7. C

    ContrailDesigns | Positions Available

    ContrailDesigns has positions open that deal with with modeling & texturing! Send an email over to nortonj@contraildesigns.com & we can chat more! Thanks!
  8. S

    A380-800 Modeling Issue

    Hola Guys, I'm still not sure really on the right section for this as I assume this is the most active and relavant area for my issue, Ive been to fsdeveloper before about my A350 model which has since then been completed however im running into an issue again of denting when I knife project my...
  9. S

    A380-800 Modeling Issue

    Hola Guys, Ive been here before about my A350 model which has since then been completed however im running into an issue again of denting when I knife project my plane windows on. The knife project creates these dents and sharp edges around the area which looks unpleasant, ive checked for many...
  10. K

    XtoMDL, 3ds max - rotation

    Very good afternoon to all, Iď like to ask you 2 questions and would appreciate any help 1) Can you please tell me how to open XtoMDL in CMD? i was trying to figure it out using google, trying to opening it in CMD, but then i got choices, how open the file, but never get it working. 2) In 3ds...
  11. Airside Developments

    How do I make realistic looking buildings?

    Hi all, I have started work on making ENRY. I have modeled and textured all of my buildings in Sketchup, but when I put them into my sim (P3D V3) I notice that they do not look as good as other developers buildings... They don't cast shadows on the ground and I can't find any settings in Model...
  12. N

    Sketchup to Blender

    so I have a objekt with texture in sketchup, and when I am trying to import the objekt to Blender, the objekt is mossigt it’s texture, how do I import the objekt with texture?
  13. M

    Freelance 3D Modeller/Renderer

    Looking for some part time work. Very good knowledge of 3Ds max, inventor (CAD), photoshop and illustrator. Message if interested or for more info/portfolio Thanks Matt
  14. Gabriel Theodoulos

    Blender: Shaping Wings

    So far everything appears to be coming together smoothly. Here is what I've developed so far. My next problem is figuring out how to mold the wings, rudder, and elevator in the other axis. The problem is MY lack of experience and knowledge. It took me a little bit of brain crunching to...
  15. Ronald

    Blender - Creating a low polygon airplane tutorial (bij Karan Shah)

    For all those aircraft modelers, who are just getting started with Blender, I've found a nice airplane modeling tutorial: - Part 1 https://cgi.tutsplus.com/tutorials/creating-low-poly-airplane-set-for-games-part-1--cms-26938 - Part 2...
  16. Rotornut44

    [Blender] Reduce Polys on Aircraft Model

    Hello, I'm looking for someone with a bit of experience in Blender. I downloaded a nice model from Turbo Squid, but unfortunately, it's too high-poly for a FSX/P3D scenery object. The model in question is found here: https://www.turbosquid.com/3d-models/piper-pa-18-supercub-fbx-free/1041070 I...
  17. Milton_Shupe

    Gmax 1.2 for the Beginning Modeler (FS9 based)

    The Youtube based video instruction starts with gmax introduction and setup. It progresses through introduction of shapes and primitives, 3-view setup, construction of a complete exterior model including animations. The exterior model development is completed in 35 videos. It does not include...
  18. antaris

    FS2004 Bell 429 Starter idea... pfew! (SOLVED)

    Hello lads Recently, I made a comment on the showroom and Heretic came with and idea. I know this have been said before but I will do it anyway. I have this code working for a 3 way starter switch; it is working as it should and I am trying to make it work as an animated part in the VC. Both...